Algorithms are increasingly becoming authorities and thus competing directly with humans. Recommendation engines have long taken control of our lives. We are threatened by a final narcissistic injury, and we are alienated by the fatal information society that we live in. Yet still, we humans remain the ‘gluons’ that connect our perceived reality – the environment, society, and the economy – with our inner world – what it means to be a human being, a Mensch. If we want to ensure that the machines continue to serve us after the Digital Tsunami, then now is the time to leverage the full power of our reason to build a humanistic society.


For decades management has learned lessons and absorbed wisdom from an array of disciplines: psychology, sociology, biology and more. But philosophy and the practical wisdom it embodies has been overlooked. No longer. Anders Indset is on a mission to bring philosophy into every organisation of our times. This book offers 50 reflections on practical philosophy and on how to apply philosophy in business and leadership. The starting point to a world of practical applied philosophy, a first insight into the beginning of a new era.


 Today, we live in a world where society gathers knowledge faster than it gathers wisdom. It is a world of permanent revolution and change. Those who manage to find, structure and exploit the power of “Wild Knowledge” – the untamed data, learnings and experiences that flourish in our lives and minds – will excel in business and life and come out as winners. Wild Knowledge, written by the leading business philosopher Anders Indset, presents a powerful and radical approach to thinking about our future and solving the challenges of our lives and businesses. 


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