…WILD THINKING - Managing the elements of change and coping with a world in which society keeps gathering knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. (www.wild-knowledge.com)
Topics: Change, Leadership, Mega-Trends, Technology, Mind, Consciousness, Future, Practical Philosophy


Rediscovering the lost "Art of Thinking" and value of a different mindset, a change of perception – CEOs are Leaders of Change – There is no digital transformation, the change is permanent – It is about finding a digital mindset and coping with the speed of exponential technologies.
Topics: Digital, Technology, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing


Expecting the Unexpected - Learning the core leadership competences, the 10 postulates of change and finding the keys to personal development in the 21st Century. Outthink the Revolution -  how leaders and managers can apply practical philosophy on the journey of Mensch & Machine.
Topics: Leadership, Practical Philosophy, Future, Change, Outthink the Revolution


German secrets unraveled | A Vikings view on „quality made in Germany”. Understanding the engine of Germany Inc. and the quality drivers of the European-Economy (Business Success).
Topics: Leadership, Globalization, Management, German Economy, Hidden Champions


A glance into a time of permanent revolution and a world of improvisation. A path towards potential singularity (post humanism) or HOMO OBSOLETUS - a state of perfect knowledge? Are you ready? Buckled up? Will you drive the change or be driven by the forces?
Topics: Mind, Consciousness, Future, Change, Digital Leadership, Management, Homo Obsoletus


Are you living the change, or are you driven by its forces? Understanding the impact of Globalization, Technology, Women and Wild Knowledge.
Topics: Change, Leadership, Globalization


Finding "wild knowledge" and building a culture of creativity and change by exploiting both vertical and horizontal creation.
Topics: Creativity, Ideas, Perception, Innovation, Culture


Brand New - Brand You!
The power of focus and simplicity in the 21st Century.
Topics: Branding, Marketing, Creativity, Future, Leadership


Mastering the art of storytelling. Learning from Pixar and Disney and a "Duck on Ice with a full-bearded Viking".
Topics: Storytelling, Leadership, Branding, Creativity, Innovation