Themes & Topics


Anders speaks and has spoken about topics such as Leadership, Technology, coping with Change, Practical Philosophy,  and the future role of the Mensch (Human Beings). He presents his thoughts around a variety of meta topics such as Wild Knowledge, Cosmoplism and Localism, Globalization/De-Globalization, Urbanization, Women and the impact of exponential technologies.

Built around his unique approach to practical philosophy Anders’ perspectives are based on the ongoing development of the world driven by the forces of change – what he refers to as changes happening “underneath the surface”- that are often leading to a revolution.

Anders is also working on a new operating system for our economy. He believes that only if we can manage to re-think the economy, will we be able to understand society. He titles this approach the Quantum Economy, or simply the Q Economy, following the turbo-capitalistic model of the new economy. Q Economy is also the title of his latest book following his international bestseller “Wild Knowledge – Outthink the Revolution”. The 5th edition will be out in August with a complete update after the COVID-19 pandemic and how this impacts our society and the economy. The Q Economy. – What comes next – will be out in 8 languages by the end of 2020 / early 2021. 

Anders presents in a variety of styles ranging from his unique thinking-out-loud leadership jam sessions to his inspiring keynotes with sound, videos and unparalleled visuals. Valuable lessons-learned from his presentations are how to become a leader of change and how the postulates of change can serve as guidelines for our society towards coping with the art of living.

His view of the current development in the science of consciousness and philosophy of mind shapes his most recent work. Anders gigs are all tailor-made, covering both the art of thinking and the art of living, to individually serve target audiences through education, entertainment, and empowerment.


Topics Covered: 

Technology (AI/AGI/Quantum Computing/Blockchain/IoT, Bio-, Nano-), Leadership, Change, Knowledge, Creativity, Storytelling, Digital, Innovation, Globalization, Localization, Politics, Political Systems, Culture, Mega-Trends, Mind, Consciousness, Future, Practical Philosophy

Q ECONOMY - What comes after digital

If we want to understand society, we must rethink the economy.”  Taken from his latest Spiegel-Bestseller book, Anders develops three scenarios for the next 10 to 20 years, in which our future is irreversibly decided. He outlines a new operating system for the economy, which at the same time forms the basis of our future coexistence. The old economy is dead, the new economy is also dead. What follows is the Quantum Economy, or the Q Economy.


What can we actually know? We're facing a dilemma. It seems that access to virtually unlimited information prevents us from seeing the obvious, even if the answers are right in front of our eyes. For executives around the world, for all leaders of change, it is now important to connect the philosophy of the past with the scientific findings and technology of tomorrow. We are now ready to realize the full potential of wild knowledge and together rediscover the “lost art of thinking”.

AI on AI

What is artificial intelligence? How do we interpret intelligence, and what is a cognitive system? Is our brain just a chemical system for us to understand or could it be that we are creating intelligence beyond consciousness, yet still do not know what consciousness is? The very exciting, but also unpredictable and potentially risky future of General Artificial Intelligence is something that should concern everyone. We are confronted with a completely new (existential) questions. How should we handle this? What future is desirable for us?


We now strive for digital super intelligence. Be it externally or by merging with technology.  Anders refers to this as "the final narcissistic injury”. What will happen to our consciousness and subjective experiences when we have access to cloud thinking and machine-to-brain technologies? Anders takes a closer look at the beauty of our mind and what it means to be a human being. In this talk Anders takes a closer look at the current science of consciousness, and describes how quantum computers and artificial general intelligence will affect our lives. 


Philosophers write books, practical philosophy changes the world. Anders presents his Philosophy@Work and shows why philosophical contemplation today belongs in every industry and every organization. Anders outlines his postulates of change and shows how one can become a "leader of change" and thus take on an active role in shaping one's own future.


It is now all about the future of organized human life and the survival of our species. What is a human being anyway? Join the exciting journey from what we thought we were, what we believe we are today all the way to what we might become in the future.
In his work on the future of the human species, Anders takes a closer look at three plausible scenarios of where we are heading and how we can meet the two existential challenges of our next decade, namely avoiding ecological collapse and living with and coping with exponential technologies. An outlook into a time of permanent revolution and a world of improvisation.
Is this a way to a potential singularity (posthumanism) or maybe the path towards HOMO OBSOLETUS? Or can we create a new story for humanity and a space for the “Mensch” (human being) in a world of perfect digital rationality and complete knowledge?


Humanity has lost faith in utopia and maybe that is a good thing. We will never reach the historical guiding ideas and the dreams of a utopian world. But perhaps we can create a new story to believe in, a story in which we build our society around a new operating system for the economy - the Q Economy - and thereby create humanistic capitalism to drive society.
By doing so we build a positive vision of our world, a compass for humanity, and a bright future worth striving for. Quantopia is a perfect symbiosis between Man and Maschine, a new world in which humanity and technology go hand-in-hand. How do we get there? What is your role? Anders challenges the role of future human existence,raises essential questions and presents possible answers as well as solutions to the current global challenges and louring existential risks.


Welcome to Globalia - a world of interdependencies. Today we live in a world shaped by localism paired with cosmopolitanism as we understand that the nation-state idea has had its day. Waving your flag in the stadium, cheering for your country, and being a patriot is okay, and it helps us preserve culture and belonging to a local identity. Today, however, we are all cosmopolitans and live in regions increasingly represented by a rebellious uprising of mayors with global orientation. As the world becomes more local and more global what new (global) institutions and systems do we have to create? What do these "Intelligent Cities" and their interplay for localism and cosmopolitanism mean for your life, your job and your organization?  Welcome to a new reality. Welcome to Globalia and the world of 2030.


Social structure and political models are under increasing pressure. Which model fits the 21st century? Are we going to have to arrange ourselves in an Algorithmocracy or are we creating Digital Democratic Republics? Where will the political journey to increased global societal stability take us? How can we challenge the current systems and maybe find a synthesis of existing systems? Anders takes a closer look at the current global structure, the various historical models and systems and outlines potential routes of new institutions and alternative models. 


The world, our business and society in general is all built on stories. It is the story that connects us and creates belonging and structure. In order to achieve progress for humanity we need new questions and new stories. Learn how to master the magic and the art of storytelling and how to inspire people. Become a storymaker with inspiration all the way from Pixar and Disney to a "Duck on ice with a full-bearded Viking". 


German secrets unraveled | A Vikings view on „quality made in Germany”. Understanding the engine of Germany Inc. and the quality drivers of the European-Economy (Business Success). Anders takes a birds-eye view on the German economy zooming in and out on what makes the German Economy continue to make an impact on our world today.