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Applied Practical Philosophy is needed when the bullshit can not be expected anymore. The various modules are ideal to build both knowledge and skills required to become a leader of change and to get an entrance into practical philosophy. The various modules are relevant for the public and the private sector and are set up for top-executives, senior management, entrepreneurs and politicians. The programs are build around core philosophical and management methodologies and are executed together with leading academic partners and/or the company shapingwork.


  • Masterclass(es) & Open Programs
  • Inspiring Keynotes (45-60 minutes)
  • OTR Working Session on Philosophy (Half-Day or Full-Day)
  • 2-Day Retreats
  • 6 Months Program
  • The Reshape Inc. (12+ months tailor-made company program)


Modules are executed as open masterclasses or open-programs together with academia and/or media partners around the world. Contact to get an overview of open programs for you to join. All modules are also set up as “in-company” or as “company retreat” modules together with shapingwork. The learning style is done through lectures and dialogues and practical group-tasks in various creative forms. Parts of the programs are done as e-learning modules with online courses and videos.


  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and Interpersonal skills (Coping with change, developing skills for negotiation and communication and understanding the value of thinking (out loud) )
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (How to become a leader of change and how to understand how to move away from own structure, models and authorities in order to develop new strategies for your organization)
  • THE FORCES OF CHANGE – Understanding the World (Geopolitics and international relations together with the rapid exponential progress of technology – AGI and Quantum Computing)
  • EXECUTION (Putting leadership into action creating high-performance teams and creative environment for participation)


  • Leaders & Managers coping with change and the challenges of the 21st Century
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Professionals seeking new knowledge and a broader perspective for own careers
  • Groups and Organizations looking for modules and programs beyond the ordinary educational modules.
  • Anyone curious about applying practical philosophy for own life and business and how to bridge the philosophy of the past with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow.


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Anders’ co-founded company shapingwork supports on various formats around practical philosophy in leadership, management and execution. The shapingwork framework and the program have been implemented at various organizations worldwide to discover potentials, cope with change and to achieve progress for the people and the organization.

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