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Expecting the unexpected. With a broad background from top-level leadership and management coaching paired with numerous formats of executive education in collaboration with leading international business schools, Anders bridges the world of business and the world of philosophy into his unique 1on1 sparrings. Having lived the life as an entrepreneur and hard-core capitalist and through his various tech-engagements together with consulting and coaching engagements at multiple fortune2000 companies he is in a unique position to be a trusted 1on1 sparrings partners for leading executives and politicians around the world applying his methods of practical philosophy.


  • How to change the perception and challenge current structures to better cope with the raising challenges of rapid change.
  • How to tackle dilemmas and corporate challenges in a volatile and chaotic business environment
  • How to grow as a leader through new methods of leadership development bridging the best of breed from methodologies in both leadership, management and philosophy
  • How to gain a better self-awareness and trust in own skills and practice the core requirements for building high-performance teams and a strong culture
  • How to rediscover “the lost art of thinking” and better sort own thoughts and ideas.


Anders’ 1on1-sessions are set up on the basis of confidentiality and highest trust to discuss all topics in a trusted and open environment. The agenda and timing is always individually tailored based on an analysis and own outlined goals. Every session includes preparation through understanding both internal and external structures be it company-internal information or industry development. The sessions are done on personal meetings or as follow-up-session in video-meetings. The 1on1-sessions can be organised in private ambient, company locations or as 2-day retreat sessions at any given location globally.


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